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Holista Health

Empowering Value-Based Healthcare

SKYGENUSA Powering Healthcare for the Digital Age

Why Value-based Healthcare?

Our current fragmented fee-for-service system has lacked coordination, timely communication and a patient-focused approach from diagnosis through recovery.

Holista - Value Based Healthcare

Holista - Empowers Providers and Patients

Value = Successful clinical outcome + Reduced Cost + Service Excellence

Holista empowers providers and patients to evolve to a value-based means of healthcare delivery.


Holista Platform - Reduced Cost - Quality Outcomes - Experience Excellence

1. High Performance Network

Value-based Contracting

Provider designed Clinical pathways and accountability through incentive alignment

2. Engagement

Clinical pathway management, shared accountablity

Care navigation/Benefits Optimization

Goal setting and management

3. Episode Administration

Episode of care claim aggregation

Bundle payment allocations

Incentive administration

TPA integration

Single line item EOB/Invoicing

Same day payments

4. Integration

Data tracking and Enhancement

Reporting and Analytics

Real-time Decision Support


Currently Utilizing These Solutions:

  • Novant Health
  • OakLeaf Medical Network
  • HPS