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Holista Health

Our Mission:
Empowering Value-Based Healthcare

SKYGENUSA Powering Healthcare for the Digital Age

Holista - Empowering Value-Based Healthcare

Holista is dedicated to transforming the delivery and payment of healthcare with innovative, technology-enabled solutions that promote desired outcomes, reduce costs, and drive an extraordinary experience for patients, providers and payers.

What problem are we solving?

An irrational, misaligned healthcare business model that incentivizes behaviors that:

Increase cost (employers, insurance companies, patients, government)

Erodes the physician-patient relationship (clinical/financial)

Compromises outcomes (patients, physicians, payers)

Creates confusion (complexity) and fear (financial, outcomes) in patients

Our Single Point Solution

An ecosystem of complementary products and services that redistribute healthcare dollars in a way that drives fundamental change in behavior resulting in:

Savings to payers (employers, insurance companies, patients, government)

Increased revenue and control to physicians

Improved outcomes (patients, physicians, payers)

Improved health care experience (patients, physicians)



The Only end-to-end technology solution in the market for rapid and efficient value-based program deployment

End-to-End Technology