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What is VALUE-BASED Healthcare?

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Value-Based Healthcare has many definitions and understanding its meaning can be complex at times. Holista is here to help provide the answer to a value-based care definition and show its importance. We have outlined how Holista is transforming healthcare experiences, our definition of a high-value system, and sharing our value proposition through a series of videos.

Transforming Healthcare Background

Holista is on a mission to transform healthcare with our unique value-based approach. While clinical delivery has improved, there has been a lack of innovation in the system approach to bringing together the financial aspects. Holista is dedicated to transforming the delivery of health benefits with innovative, technology-enabled solutions that drive down the total cost of care. The end goal is to promote better outcomes for everyone. 

Decreasing Total Cost - Promoting Better Outcomes

What Is a High-Value System?

The relationships between provider, patient, and broker must be strong and directly in line. A high-value healthcare option from Holista manages outcomes, both financial and clinical. The high value-based care definition to Holista means you’re able to attain your service or product at a price that doesn’t detract from the worth of the item. Something can be very valuable/important, but high prices can impact and detract from that value. Holista’s Kate Grohall breaks down value-based healthcare and defines a high-value system.

Holista Strikes Balance Between Worth & Cost

Holista Value Proposition

Holista value-based healthcare works to strike the balance between quality, value, and price. This can be tricky for any business, but Holista has found a harmony between the three. Holista prides itself on accountability and providing price assurance and quality assurance in the healthcare marketplace.

Holista Services Provide Quality to Match Price + Value

Holista Results & Outcomes

We aren't just talk, we've got the metrics to back up our success in delivering cost savings and an improved patient experience. The cost savings extend to both the patient and the employer. Patients have saved upwards of $1,700 per episode. Learn more about the variety of cost savings.

Substantial Savings = Improved Experience